With love Professor


The stars of Kohima college. I’m forever grateful to them…

I called her up the next day requesting her to break up with her boyfriend if she love me,  But she was not ready to take such steps. I gave her an option, to love me or leave me alone. She gave no reply on that. I took it as a negative response and went my way. I promised myself never to disturb her. She keeps on calling me, maybe to explain why she can’t decide or maybe I don’t know.

I left her a message and I changed my number after that.

“Hello Vezho,

I love you but can we just be what we used to be: a friend and a stranger… with due respect I’m staying away from you. So that both of you will have quality time and love eachother more.”

I don’t know whether she replies my messages as I’d changed my sim card.
It was Teachers’ day and I broke up with my girlfriend.

I called up my favourite professor and wished her “Happy Teachers’ Day.” I told her what had happened to me, and how I took that miraculous decision to stay away from her.

Madam Anny sarcastically responded,

“Is it because of me? You started missing me?”
(I could not vividly remember everything, but there were some moments which are still fresh and keeps on encouraging me to move further.

I became the luckiest person after I got admission in Kohima College, because it’s like you are entering a Harvard University. The structure itself says you are in the best college. It’s worth walking from PWD to Kohima College everyday, and it never did disappoint me.)
I would say the first lesson I learnt was the John Donne’s “A valediction forbidding mourning.”

I fall in love with the person who was explaining it to us.

Literally, I’ve missed Anny alot. She used to be my best friend before I left Kohima. She lives in Jakhama with her hubby and two sons. Every one in the college likes her; I never missed her classes for three years. I never scored well in her subject that was the most embarrassing thing. I can’t remember how we started to be a good friend; she would often dropped me home after college; picked me up too, as I lived in PWD Kohima… I don’t know how and why I started to fall for her, she was my lecturer, a PhD holder, a married woman. She treats me like her own brother, and nothing beyond that, but I being the stupidest guy had just fallen in love with my professor.

It was my last day of college when she calls me to her table. I could never forget what had happened. We sat opposite to eachother without a word; everyone left; the peon was impatiently waiting for us. She held my hand and kissed it softly.

‘Close your eyes dear, let me pray for you.’)
“Yes, I miss you madam, but you are not the reason for that”

“Wahaha I knew it, I knew it”

We had a nice chat, discussing about life. She said she misses me sometimes as I always make fun during serious time. She never knew that she was my crush until I opened up. She laughed so loud that it nearly broke my eardrums…

“I’ll tell my husband…for sure. He’ll hunt you now.”

“Oh no please don’t”, I begged her.

“Just kidding Uncle, I will not. But he knows that you were my student and  he is proud of you. I told him how you struggled in life and moved to Mumbai. He wants our kids to be like you. I think my husband is in love with you Wahaha.”
She often sent a mail which encourages me not to give up, but to strive more. My crush, now turns out to be my professor in life, whenever I’d faced any issues or problems she would response with a practical solutions. She would update me what’s happening in the college and around Kohima. The funny thing about her was she always sends a picture of pork and axone just to tempt me.
“Hello Boy,

You must have slept the whole day and expecting you to still be sleeping…….!!!!!

College is busier than before with all activities, but life goes on. Hope Mumbai isn’t mistreating you, city life is never easy but I know you are a responsible gentleman, I’m sure your mother is really proud of you. The picture you posted in the facebook must be your family, a lovely family. Are your siblings studying? Where are they?

Life can never be all rosy, they say life is like a piano, the black keys are the sad times and the white keys are the good times, both the keys together make a beautiful music. That day….. when you open up to me about your family, I couldn’t do anything for you and I actually regret that, but now as a friend and a teacher, if life treats you bad, please do not hesitate to share……if I can help you in a little way, let me know. Above all…..trust God……Mathew 6:26.

Take care always.

With love

Your Professor Anny”

My First Post

This is my first post and I want to dedicate it to my Beloveds.

You people are the reason I keep moving on in life.
I shall be posting my personal experiences, romance, love, food, gossip 😂😂 etc.

Let us all do it together! Thank you for all the support and love. More thank you(s) to come.

God bless!


Wedekhro Naro

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