Yes! You read it right that I am still for clean election. You all have seen or witnessed what had happened: the beauty and ugly side of election. One must be wondering why I should come up with the topic of clean election again when it’s all over and settled.

Election enemies becomes your best friends and your election friends becomes your worst enemies. The parties or groups that travels up and down and talks to you like an angel during election are nowhere to be found, you hardly see anybody waving at you. We all have heard or seen that lives are just turned into objects.  Families are broken; friendships are broken. Proxies are still considered as fashion, polling officers failed to exercise their power, re-polls are on the process and the list goes on. All you do now is go back to your own field and resume your own profession. The end! Game over!

I must say the clean election is a successful one though I know things are not right in our own family. I say it’s a success because for the first time in the history of Nagaland election many families decided not to sell their votes, this is the first step of clean election. I believe there are hundreds of families  who decided to clean their own family before pointing fingers on someone, I bless you all; keep going, we have a long way to go. I also believe there are some families that are divided between clean and unclean election, I tell you, you are just one step behind, don’t give up but keep on cleaning.  Maybe your brother or your dad have a choice but decided not to follow what is right, do not blame them but instead tell them it’s not too late to change though election is over because we are going to run miles and miles again. Tell them to join the clean election with you because this campaign is not confined to just a season but it is a continuous process; as long as the state exist this campaign will continue. I am sure NBCC will agree with me and it will continue to fight for clean election. NBCC have sown the seeds, it is up to each and every individual to destroy or to nurture. It’s our choice.

Some of you might be surprised why I emphasis so much on this campaign when my dad was a unit member in one of the political parties. You must have seen him going house to house doing which are not allowed in the constitution of India. I have no doubt in that. I called up my dad and I can proudly say he is honest, he didn’t take any money. But, what he and the other agents did to the voters need to be changed. So what am I saying here is, there are two types of people. The voters and the candidates; and one can see clearly from my family. One can say my dad represents the candidate who tries so hard to win the election by any means and the rest of my family represents the voters. I am not blaming my dad here I am just so proud of him, because he never lied to me. He promised me that our votes are not for sale. This is one hell step he took it for clean election. He took one step this time though he failed to take the second step. Dear beloveds, the whole point of talking about my kitchen here is, we Nagas are not bold enough to point a finger on our own when we clearly know something is not right. Instead we waste our time finding a fault in someone. We blame the govt. officials, people in power and so on for everything when we all know solution and corruption starts from our own small family.  I am sure my dad will be very proud of me because he always reminds me to be honest and truthful in what I do. I am sure he is proud to have a family like us. And I pray that he will take one more step very soon to clean election.

So, you have read it how a Naga family during election is all about because I represent a Naga as a whole. I am sure everybody has their own stories and I would love to hear them too. I have no doubt that some of you have accepted a few thousand bucks in exchange of your vote, you took it because you are broke as you are jobless since December, all your earnings are gone during Christmas and New Year parties and election was the only source of income. You accepted the money because you need to pay your children’s school admissions and fees; you need to send pocket money to your children studying in the cities. You had a choice not to take it but you did because it was the only chance in five years.

I am sure some of you have washed your hand by saying that you didn’t accept money or buy votes during election. And now you are a proud citizen but deep in your heart and in your file you want something if your candidates comes to power, you might have already budget everything, like how much you will gain from this and that project instead of the real development. Some of you need a good vehicle, and you’ll ask because you did everything for that person to let him be in power, as if your vote carries hundred votes. Some of you will demand a job instead of asking the govt. to create more job opportunities. The list goes on and on, your representatives can say no to all these but he’ll say yes and let you have it all  because he wants to be elected next time too. So, there are two types of people in the process- one who takes money before election and one who takes it after election. And at the end nobody gets development. This is our story and our society.

I think some of us have failed some way or other, but we can all still change. Our representatives are supposed to bring developments and opportunities to our constituencies, yet we stop them by asking our own personal share. We started eating the seeds before it turns out to be a fruit where it can feed many families. I was sharing to my mom and dad how a small development can change a generation. I am so proud and thankful to my grandfather under whom the Civil Hospital Chizami (Now primary health center) was born. It’s a small hospital but when you really studied the details you will know there are hundreds and thousands of people that got benefited from that small development. I personally want to ask those people who are going to form a govt. this time. Please give us development, create more job opportunities by bringing better infrastructures and we will show you the real Nagaland.

The other day I was talking to my uncle about clean election and what he said was true, “Unless the youth of our generation started to have a work culture, chances are less to have clean election.” I totally agreed with him, we the youths are failing to do our job; we are looking for easy money; we are looking for four hours jobs that pays high; we are looking for a jobs where we can be the boss of the bosses; etc. we are still looking because we are over qualified for all those jobs and so we become jobless because there are no such jobs in our state, we have to create one.

“Know your roots and your roots will lead you to clean election and a better society.” (Seen in a picture is a friend of mine working towards a sustainable development by going back to her roots.) Image: Aduo Solo

Let me tell you my story how I was failing and how Jesus pulled me out. I was working in Mumbai when I got a call from my dad that there are some chances that I could get a job in Police Department through officers’ quota (I believe there is no such thing). He told me that a friend (a church worker) of his knows one of the officers and he recommended that I should take it. His intention was good; he wants to help my family but in a wrong way. It took me one week to think about it, I say yes but on one condition, that, it should be a level of Sub Inspector. I prayed to God that I am failing and I promised to God that I will do my job well if appointed. God was silent. When God is silent then there is something happening. This appointment never happened. I praise God for rescuing me from it before I totally fall. If ever I was appointed, then there are going to be four people who will be known as a corrupted people- me, my dad, that church worker, and the officer. Thank God we are all safe. I am sure there are lots of cases in your own kitchen, how your brother or your sister gets a job. No doubt, you will be a slave to that person who appointed you no matter what. I am not telling you to quit that job, I am just telling you that you are forgiven and now it’s your duty to give your best to the society.


Whenever I do anything mischievous my dad used to always catch me. I just hate him sometimes because he was always after me and he still do, but I don’t hate him anymore. I love him more because he teaches me with an iron rod when I was young, that’s why I am bold enough to write this. God never allows me to fall totally; He’ll always come and rescued me before I fall completely. I remember one day in my work place where I was caught for slinking a tip that was mean for the whole team. My boss summoned me to his office and asks me if I took the money. I could have said that I didn’t, I could have told him I kept it in the tip box, and I could have walked out from his office as a guilty free man.  But my conscience would not agree with me. I said I did it. My boss thanked me for my honesty and closed the case or else I would be fired that day. See, this is how God rescue His people.

I think we are all like Peter in the bible who was with Jesus and have seen everything from healing the sick to raising the death; from calming the sea to walking on the water; from turning the water into wine to multiplying the young boy’s meal, etc. He has seen it all but when the last hour comes he changed his mind set and denied Jesus. I think Nagas are like Peter; we all know that things are not right but like Peter we are afraid to stand for the truth and just ignored or denied it.  The Peter story goes on; he repented and become the foundation of the church. Dear beloveds, let us learn from him, yes we had failed to do our parts, but all hope is not lost; it is never too late to start again.  For one moment let us forget the ACAUT, NSF, and NTC, Students ’ unions, Hohos and even NBCC and look at our own family. Let us all look back where our parents, our brothers and sisters have gone wrong, let us look at ourselves in the mirror and think what we have done or failed to do in this corrupted system. Let us all unite our hearts and minds and ask where corruption, unclean election, illegal things, war and bloodshed, etc are coming from, it all start from the individuals and from family. Let us all question ourselves and repent like Peter. We all failed but not fully fallen.


The reason I am writing this is because I have been through all; I have been in corruption; I cheated people in my work place; I lied to people; I broke the promises; I failed to be honest in simple things, etc. I have seen it all and experienced it all. This is the reason I am writing to all of us, let us all contribute a small thing for the change. Maybe, just one step to do good and one step back to do bad. Let us stop blaming the authority for corruption. Let us stop pointing fingers on Churches or NGOs. Let us change our mindset and start from our own kitchen. Let us be honest with our family. Let us say black is black and white is white. Let us not allow our conscience to blame us. Let us be honest with ourselves.







Every year I used to go for a vacation just to enjoy the roots from the cities. This time I went home with a different mindset, I came to judge maybe because election is around the corner or I don’t know. I questioned myself why my govt. is so poor and individuals are so rich? I am not saying the individuals should be poor, it’s their hard works and smartness that makes them stable and rich; what I am saying is why on earth a govt. should be poor when she have lots of funds from outside world. I see people living in villas and owns a luxurious cars, but I see my poor roads and shaky offices.I don’t know why, I couldn’t find the answer.

I went home that day wanting to talk about society with my parents, because I felt like I haven’t done anything for the society. We sat around the fire place and I asked my dad if he is for clean election. “Yes, but my son…” I know what my dad wants to say, so I looked at my mom. She replied, “You guys decide.”

I looked at them, I felt sorry for myself because it’s like a tradition that taking money for vote is normal thing for many of us. I remember agents visiting my house and throwing money, we used to happily accept it, buy a bag of rice; mustard oil; eggs and even meat, we even paid our school fees too, those were the days when I don’t know what is good and bad.
I took a deep breathe and smile, “Daddy! Mommy! those days were over. Let’s change.” I challenged them that if a candidate gives them ten thousand rupees, then, I will give them twenty thousand rupees, I told them to choose which figure they want. We all laughed as twenty thousand is higher than ten.

I went back to Kohima as my vacation was getting over, I told my parents to think about the figure for sometimes. I met my three brothers there in the capital, Aku Naro and Micüte Naro they were both expecting a huge amount this time from our right hand candidate, they even sent their budgets to my parents. I asked them if they want anything during election, in unison they say, ” Of course we want good quality shoes. our shoes hardly last for a month as the roads are terrible.” I checked my wallet and I know it’s running out but I better let them learn something. So, that day we went for shopping, that was the happiest day of my life. We ate galho and drank lemon tea. I told them not to ask any money from the candidate, they both smile as they have their new shoes. (not a good one though)
My elder brother 
Tshetsholo Naro who is always busy in his room editing videos and photos don’t care much about election thing. All he need to do is buy one full frame camera and that’s all. All he asked was, “Brother, I am feeding three bellies including mine, so you know what you can do for me.” He smiles.

My vacation finally gets over, I went back to Kuwait. Everything is back to normal. My mom called up while I was having a cup of coffee. “Ade, we are all on the same page. I have spoken to your brothers and your dad too. We will do it.” Knowingly I asked her what she mean to say. She sarcastically says, “We should sponsor our candidate.”

The concept of Clean Election was rooted in my mind while I was in the college, I think it was during 2012 when NBCC first started this. I remember my college friend Atuonuo Ruth Vizo introducing me to one rally that was held at Kohima, later that afternoon she took to me DDK to attend a panel discussion on Clean Election where Dr. Hovithal Sothu was one of the panelists. That changed my life and I am so thankful to both of them, because of them I am now reaching my family members to start this clean election mission. The bible says, “When you know the Truth; the Truth will set you free.” The election happens not too long after the rally, I voted for the first time in my life. The candidate gave my parents a few bucks as a voter’s fee, my parents informed me that they had taken the money. I immediately warned them. They returned it the day before the election. I still feel proud when I remember that moment and how I could resist that money when I didn’t even had a single penny. It is the power of Jesus that keeps me going.

Today, I have seen a lots of negative comments about Clean Election campaign. People accusing the church for playing politics and so on. I want to tell those people, “If you want to change then do it now because you know how to change. You know very well how clean election is all about. The clean election will be only possible when you change a little bit. It doesn’t matter if you will be like a black sheep, you don’t have to follow the crowd. I tell you nothing is more hurting than your own conscience accusing you for not choosing the right way. Change is possible: let’s do it together. Amen!”

I have also seen a few people tirelessly working for the clean election in spite of all the criticisms they are receiving everyday. I tell you, “Keep going, do not stop. It might take years and even decades but let us keep going. One day or other day our children will enjoy the fruits which we have sown. Now, you are reaping the fruits which you have sown to me six years back, It’s more than a hundredfold. I know it will take more than what you expected but it will definitely come one day. Let’s us all keep going. Amen!”

P.S – I am not voting this time because I am out of the country. Best of luck to all the candidates and vote wisely dear voters.



I am too expensive to be bought!


I lost touch with her for one week, probably due to disappointment and also the network is to be blamed. It’s not an easy thing to have an online girlfriend, and that too thousand miles away from each other. Two different person; two different country and continent in between, and of course different gender who never saw each other in real life, yet dying to see each other. Sometimes I felt like I am the most stupid guy alive by risking my jackpot to meet somebody and yet that person couldn’t turn up. But at the same time I am proud of myself because I did my part, and my love is real.

“Ade! It’s being a while, how you doing? I am sorry for all the things and I know you will forgive me. Maybe that was not the right time for us to see each other. Can I video call you now? I am still on shift though.”

We talked and it’s real, I still like her.

It’s like three months already we were dating online, though we are friends on facebook a year ago. She never asked about my family and siblings. But that day she suddenly asked me about my life. I asked her back what she wants to know about my life.

“Anything which I don’t know, your ex. maybe. And please mail me later as I have to go for my shift now.” She replied.

In life no matter what, it is always good to tell the truth to someone you love. Since, she already knows about my brothers and my parents, I have to tell her the truth about my love life. It’s something which I do not want to tell anybody, but I don’t know why she needs to know this and why should I tell her this?

“Hi dear,

I don’t know if I should tell you this, but it’s important that you know who I am before we meet. I had a terrible past and it still keeps on hunting me every day. There was this girl in my higher secondary school who turns out to be my best friend, very soon we were dating. It was more like friends with benefits. We finished the college together with English Literature as our major subject. We were so closed to each other and I never thought of having a girlfriend because I had one who is more than a girlfriend. My life hits the rock bottom when she agrees to married an officer who is the son of her dad’s friend. I think Jen thought that I would not be interested in marrying her because I was jobless and fresh from the college, just a carefree guy without any seriousness in life.

Women turns to be more matured when it comes to family planning, so maybe that’s the reason she decided to go away from me. It was during December 2013 just one week before her wedding, a terrible thing happens in both of our lives. I slept with her.

I ruined her marriage and her life completely. Two years later she took her own life, nobody knows the reason why she did. I think I knew the answer, she refused to forgive herself, and I am to be blamed for everything.

Lulu, I think this is enough for today. This is me in black and white.


With Love

Ade Naro”


It’s been two days now, but I still haven’t got any reply from her.






I felt like the original Jack was me, after winning a jackpot to visit one country of my choice in the world for two days. The joy of winning this can never be compared to anything else in the world. Switzerland is my favorite country where as London is my paradise. For two days I couldn’t sleep, the joy and restlessness keeps my mind awake the whole time. Sometimes winning something great is also a curse because you got to be wise in choosing your destination. The world have so much to offer and you got only one to choose. I didn’t tell anyone about the jackpot, maybe that’s the reason my mind was so heavy.

Before I came to the conclusion I called up my mysterious girl about the opportunity. She was more than happy on hearing the news.

“You must visit me. The country here is the best. I know you will never regret. If you don’t, then we never know if we could talk again or whatever.”

Her last sentence keeps on vibrating in my mind, and finally I decided to visit Bahamas Island. I Google the country and it’s not so bad. I called her up to inform that I am coming in next fifteen days.

I took British airline from Kuwait, my flight got delayed and I have to wait for another six hours. Those six hours were the most irritating moment in my life. The feeling of joy that’s ahead was so strong that six hours seems like a year.

I imagined myself to be the Jack in Titanic movie, winning the jackpot and who finally met his soul mate, of course my story will be different.

I landed at Nassau airport late night, I couldn’t enjoy the beautiful greenly island as it was already dark; the city lights are beautiful though. As soon as I went out from the plane, I called her up but the line was not reachable. So I went to my hotel room, took a shower, I was mesmerized by the beautiful city from the 50th floor. I sent a text through whatsapp but it was not delivered. I don’t know when I slept off that night, I was too tired after 24 hours of journey. I got a wakeup call from the reception that my tour guide will be coming in less than an hour. I checked my phone, that’s always the first thing I do when I woke up. I saw three missed calls and a message from Lulu.

“Hi my dearest, I am so sorry. Please don’t be mad at me, I was on shift and the network here sucks due to weather. You must forgive me thousand times for which I am going to say now. My ship won’t be holding there as we are moving to Andros. They changed the schedule at the eleventh hour. Please video call me when you see this message. I love you.

All the joy and happiness were totally erased by the news. I felt like I was cheated, though it’s not her fault about the change of routine. I called up the reception to cancel the tour as I won’t be going anywhere. I video call Lulu but I couldn’t reached her. The network really sucks, maybe because of the recent Hurricane. I took a taxi and went to the port where the cruise ships comes and go. I sat on the side of the beach observing the beautiful island and a couples happily spending the loveliest moments. Later, I went inside one small restaurant to have a cappuccino, before I could order my coffee, a lady at the counter asked, “Are you Filipino?”

“No, I am from India.”

I shared the diverse culture of India and the languages we spoke. She was amazed by the beautiful culture of India. She never though India will have a small eyes like mine. I showed her the picture of Lulu, and ask her if by any chance she sees her or knows her. the response was negative.

The network really sucks, I couldn’t connect her through whatsapp or facebook. I spent my second day waiting for Lulu to come online. Nothing in the island interest me anymore. I went down to the Hotel lounge and had a couple of beer and I was totally high. I never take alcohol in my life, but that day out of frustration I drunk it.

I packed my things and went to the airport, I did all the necessary things at the immigration and went inside the plane. While waiting for the other passengers to board, Lulu called me up that she is at the airport, asking me if I could come out to meet her. Before we could finish the conversation our plane started to move, and I realized that it’s too late. I literally shed tears though it’s not the end of the world.


Photo- Google





Do you remember?
Like Jackson, we danced
Like a blinds, we walked
Like a students, we experimented
Like a chefs, we cooked
Like a soldiers, we returned
Back from battle, singing a victorious song.

Where are you my dear?
You travelled so far
Uncountable miles
Where I can never meet you in this life
Why not back to me and say goodbye?
Oh! But your Father has a better place for you
Keep singing the victorious songs.

You, who are still around me
Do you ever counted the days past?
Isn’t it just yesterday?
That day will never be forgotten
I saw the Western sky with you
The sun will never set there
My dears, I love you, and I miss you.
God bless


She slapped my face;

As I bow to kiss her.

With tears in my eyes I walked out…

She follows and held my hand,

‘Wede! I’m sorry, please forgive me. Kiss me now.’

I looked into her eyes and

Our lips meets.

Tears filled my eyes again, and hers too as I say,

‘Thank you for the honor of your lips, I’m leaving you with no hatred, no jealousy, no negative thoughts, but I’m leaving you with a kiss full of love. Goodbye my love.’

“Don’t follow me because I have a long way to go.”


Lulu, I am waiting for you..

I don’t know why, but, off late this lady whom I never met in person is occupying all the space in my mind. I have no reason why would I do like this. I stays online just to meet her. I just feel like a teenager who had fallen in love for the first time, every day I woke up thinking of her.

Everyday when we connect through net, I would proposed her. Pours out my feelings for her. One day she asked me why I fall in love with her. “There are lots of girls in the world much more beautiful, more educated, smarter. Are you stupid? Please tell me why? And Ade how can I accept you when we haven’t met yet. I don’t want to love someone online. I am not saying that I don’t like you, but I just feel like we are rushing things up. Let’s meet up first and discuss about life.”

“Lulu, I don’t know why, it just happened. I just fall in love with you. What you said is absolutely true. I am scared of myself too. Honestly, I have dozens of ladies who are more beautiful or educated than you, but I don’t know why I choose you. I heard about you since 2014 but never in my dream had I thought I would be keeping in touch with you. You said you believe in fate, maybe this is fate then.” I responded.

The problem with me is I love someone so dedicatedly that I end up hurting myself when I didn’t get positive response. She asked me what are my likes and dislikes, of all the things we’ve shared, everything about us are totally opposite. One common thing is we both love pork and mustard leaves. I named her mustard and she named me pig, which I deserved it as I weighed 75 kilogram.

I called up her mom the other day and wish her happy birthday. Her mom was surprised that an unknown guy called up. Not very soon she realized that I am her daughter’s friend. “ahhh you must be my child’s friend who stays in Kuwait. My daughter told me about you last night. We are all relatives and I am glad that you guys are in touch with each other. In whatever things you do may God be your master. Lulu is also coming this winter; I think you should come too. We can all meet up.”

I called up my dad to inform him that I am in love with a girl whom I never met, but something inside me stops me. This girl is the only one whom my dad is not aware of, he knows all my admires or so called ex.

Lulu and we decided to meet each other before making any plans, but we were making plans before time. We decided to go for a trekking alone with our family this winter. Sometimes we were both crazy, living ahead of time.

Every single words that comes from her mouth seems so tempting that I couldn’t resist it. Even the small laughter of her makes me crazy. I feel like the whole thing is one sided though she have not rejected me. “Ade, let’s not be in hurry. We will meet up first and decide what will be the best for us. I know you will not like me, I am very strict. I have lots of freckles on my face. Anyways you are my brother.” Her maturity level makes me fall in love with her more.



“I told you na, that God will protect you. I love you dear.” I sent a text to her after she survived the Hurricane. I don’t know why, but I have being thinking of her a lot. Sometimes I would woke up in the middle of my sleep. By now, she knows that I have fallen for her. I know she is little matured than me, but age is just a number and that will not make much difference. I lied to her about my age which I regretted now because I was not honest. I lied because I don’t want to be a baby to her. I started to grow beard to show my maturity, it is silly but love can make you do crazy things.

“Ade, how could you love someone whom you haven’t met yet? I don’t know if you are playing with me or seriously fallen for me. But I suggest that you better find someone, because I sucks in this kind of love and romance thing. I don’t believe in love thing anymore, I believe in fate. It was love that hurt me the most. I’m happy to be single…”

I don’t understand why people are so scared to fall in love again. It should be love that makes the world a better place to live.

“…Ade you know I am older than you, you maybe smarter than me but I know life better. As of now everything is postponed. I just want to have pork and chicken (laughs).

I was not discouraged by what she said, instead I fall for her more and more. I told myself that she is a rare type that needs to be protected and preserved.  Her maturity level and her dedication towards her family makes me crazy. I yelled to God, “God, is she the one? See I have fallen for her and you know very well. Do something or show me the way.”

“How is my ring, I just purchase it today. Beautiful ase na?” She sent the image. For once I thought it was an engagement ring but thank goodness it was not.

“Dear, the beautifulest because it’s in your finger and it looks expensive as well.” I replied her. I don’t know why everything she suggested are always the best.

One day she ask me why my surname is Naro and how it happens to be. This is the question the whole world ask after moving out of my village. I remember I was refused by a bank clerk to do transaction due to my surname. It’s funny sometimes and irritating as well.

The good thing about us is that, we are relatives with lots of nerves in between. All my cousins in her village are her cousins too. I made fun of her by saying that I will be close to her even if she rejects me because we are relatives. I did little research on her family and it’s so amazing. They were no worse than mine.

“Ade, there was a time when we don’t have food to eat. My dad passed away that was the most terrible moment for us. But today, I am so blessed and thankful to God for opening my way. God is amazing. Wait for His will, you will never be disappointed.”

She sends her picture to me and I don’t know how many times I zoomed it. Literally I was blown away by the beauty and simplicity of her. Every words that comes from her seems perfect even though sometimes I don’t understands. She asked me about Vezho and Chanmi. I told her I still miss them. They played an important role in my life.

“I am still having a hard time to recover from the shit. I still miss Vezho but we decided to choose different path. I was still not willing to give up on her but then I realized that her happiness is more important. You give up on them not because you don’t love them, you do, because you believe in them and that’s the best sacrifice you can give.” I sent her the picture too.

“This is life and it’s amazing. But I don’t understand how both of you decided that way after five years, it should have happened at the initial stage. Anyways, you have to move on. You are still young. Eat lots of pork as a revenge (laughs).

“I wanted to marry you. Please wait for me. I have already told God about you. I am waiting for the answer…” She started to laugh before I could finish my sentence maybe because she never heard such a causal proposal.

“Ade, seriously I don’t want to promise anything to anybody. Let’s wait for His will. Hopefully God will answer your question.”


It’s being four days I couldn’t get any information about her. I was little worried, though I have full trust on my Savior for protection over my mysterious lady.

I sent a ‘hello’ text to her brother. My intention was to ask him about his sister; if she sends any messages or whereabouts. He was freaked out upon receiving my text (I can sensed it through his reply).

“I am so worried. My mom is alone. I have only one sister.” He replied.  I think he was so worried that he was expecting a bad news from me about his sister.

“Come on bro, nothing will happen to your sister. God is taking care of everything…” I tried to cool him down through my message, though on the other hand I was totally worried. “…My mom is so worried, so is my family. They are having a hard time. Please pray for us!”

I never thought of tracking my online lady but after receiving such messages from her brother, I couldn’t stay still. My conscience told me to check it in the net. There are lots of carnival cruise ship and I don’t know which ship she works. After an hour of searching I found out through the picture which she had sent it to me. I messaged the Engine Officer of the ship about the well-being of the crew members.

“Hi Naro,

We are all safe and sound. We had to leave from Freeport for safety precaution but most of the systems are still down. All the crew and contractors are in good hands. Tomorrow night we will be there and get connected.” The officer replied within a minute. I couldn’t be more than happy on hearing the news. I screenshots the messages and sent it to her brother.

“Thank you so much. I’ve contacted my mom and she is relief. My whole family is happy now because of your information. God bless you.”

I felt like a movie star after reading the text. I said to myself, ‘well done my boy.’

The next day I was expecting her online. I waited and waited but no result. I consoled myself that maybe it’s because of the power cut due to hurricane. It was around four in the morning she sends a text, “Ade we are back to Bahamas.” After that she went offline, my messages couldn’t get delivered. I double checked the message to make sure that I was not dreaming.

I sent the screenshots to her to let her know how crazy I was, and how her family was. I also sends the shots of the messages from the officer.

“Ade, you went that far? My goodness I can’t believe you. I know how my family feels about me. Thank you for keeping in touch with my family and also for continuously praying for us.” She said that it’s like her funeral when she on the internet, the messages and prayers from friends all over the world.

After few hours she posted in the facebook, “Thank you everyone for your prayers. I am back to Bahamas after a rough sea.”

I reacted to her post this time.




I was deeply hurt after my so called best friend decided not to keep in touch with me. She have so many reasons to be, so I never blamed her for that. Instead I respect her for the decision. From that day onwards we stopped all the connections, though we are still friends on facebook. I gave high five to myself for being the strongest of me. I stopped my usual talk with her cousins and friends. I wish so much to unfriend her or block her in social media but I still haven’t done yet.

I decided not to be close to anybody else, I warned my heart to be strong and courageous, and not to trust anyone.

I was once told that anything can happen when your heart is empty. Anyone can entered easily, and that’s true.

There was this girl whom I added in facebook. Lately, I discovered that she is my distant cousin whom I never met. She usually reacted on my pictures and short stories I updated. She sometimes commented on my status like, ‘you are crazy lover.’

I never thought I would be falling for this girl any time in my life. And moreover how can you do when you have never seen each other in real life. Maybe it’s true that people fall in love in a mysterious way.

“Hello Wede, where are you from? And why your surname is Naro? It’s a girl’s name nahoi?” She texted me in FB.

“I am from India.” I replied sarcastically.

We chatted that night for two hours. In that limited hours we came to know so much about each other. I knew little bit about her life through one of my cousins, so she was surprised when I asked her some personal questions.

As usual she would react on my status and pictures. Like I said I never thought she would make an impact in my life. It was one evening when I came from work and was feeling so bored and exhausted, there was something inside me urging me to call her. I video called her. She was still on shift when she received my call. She calls my name in pure mother tongue way, ‘Ade, Ade.’ I was like so you can pronounced my name so well like my mom did? I said to myself, ‘yo buddy keep her in a special place.’  We talked for a few minutes but that’s enough for me to fall in love. I whispered to God, ‘God! You are so creative, just see her eyes.’

She often shared her stories with me without any hesitations. For the first time I thanked whatsapp for allowing me to receive her pictures. It’s being three months now we are chatting. Like I said I am totally in love with her. One day I opened my heart to her honestly.

“Hi dear, I miss you and love you. One day I will marry you.”

When she heard that, she started to laugh.

“You crazy lover. How could you love someone so blindly? We haven’t met yet.” She responded. I went on to justify my stand by saying that I rather love someone than to hate one.

“We even miss and love Korean movie stars, so what is the problem loving you?”

“Good for you.”

We are planning to meet each other this winter at Mumbai. I can’t be hundred percent sure because I might not get my vacation as winter will be a peak season for business, but I showed some interest in it.

A few days back she video called me asking me to pray for her. It was a heart breaking moment, and life and dead situation. The hurricane had reached her work place.

“Ade! Ade…” She calls my name. “…Please tell my mom that I love her so much.”

“Hey dear, you will not die, I promise you. God will take care of the sea. Be strong, for Jesus is with you always. May the word of psalm 91 be with you.”

“Ade, thank you for that. I believed in Him, yet I’m so scared now… Ade… Ade…” the network went off. I couldn’t reached her after that. That night I challenged God by saying, “Lord! I will kill myself if you failed to save her, and I know you will not want to lose me too. So you better save her now.” I broke down in tears.

I have being checking the news for three days now, yet I haven’t heard any news related to cruise ship accident. I think God accepted my challenge. I still couldn’t reached her through phone or net, yet I hope she is saved.





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