I am Wedekhro Naro

The Author of the book- TRUE LOVE KEEPS MOVING. 

Get your copies from http://www.ilandlo.com, http://www.facebook.com/TheKingChilli. Crossword Kohima, http://www.facebook.com/PenThrillPublicationHouse. and you can DM me anytime at http://www.instagram.com/wedekhro. or http://www.facebook.com/wedekhronaro.

A waiter by profession and a writer by heart. I don’t know how I ended up into this service industry. My job loves me so I might be sticking to this for more decades.

I am from Nagaland, a tiny hill state in India; from jungles and hills; raw and wild but soft and kind too. I am romantic and funny; I am serious and boring too.

I created this blog to make sure my thoughts are not wasted but documented. I will be the happiest man if one word of mine will inspire people to take a new step.

JESUS is the love of my life!

PS: I am trying so hard to write in english. Help me!

Here I am…
…and this is my first book.
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