I was kidnapped from my office
By my own freedom fighter
He tied my hands and legs
Whistling from the barrel of the gun
‘Will blow your head and let your
Children suffer forever.’
I looked at him in sympathy
‘My four-year-old kid can
take care of himself
Unlike you.
You lose, either way’, I replied.
He threw his fist on the wall.

This morning, twenty thirty
As I drove my car way home
I saw that gentleman
Smiling and enjoying his life
Selling momos in the street of Kohima.
I parked my car beside his cart
We shared a small plate of momo
Laughing and talking about old memories.

Published by Wedekhro Naro

Author: TRUE LOVE KEEPS MOVING. Get your copies from (online), The King Chilli Restaurant Dimapur, Crossword Kohima, Penthrill Publication House Kohima.

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