‘Ah! Pool party! sounds great.’ said Cosimo.

And it came to pass; pool party turns out to be real. The whole pool was booked exclusively for Al Bandar team because they are rich, filthy rich, yes you read it right. The DJ team set up their area; the grilling team and the beverage team were all ready, but the pool was still empty. Out of nowhere, a lady in bikini – Intan walks in like everyone, but boys will be boys, they swing her into the pool and the party begins from there, bodies flying into the pool unwillingly. No one is spared except the boss, by the way who wants to be in trouble, right? But they still regret for not pushing him accidentally into the pool. The two beautiful sexy ladies who came with their favorite jeans were not forgiven; they were thrown into the hell of pool too.

The fun part was when they all act like kids, playing with balloons in the pool. Water volley ball and water zumba was introduced by Al Bandar that night. It was a real party without alcohol but who needs it when your colleagues are there for you to get drunk in happiness and laughter. It was the most amazing gathering so far in the history of Al Bandar besides fighting against the sand storm. The sad part was when two of their colleagues couldn’t be there due to family emergency back home. They remember them too as they have decided to push them (including Cosimo) into the official pool during winter when the temperature will be just minus, just be ready that’s all, no pressure.

It’s very difficult to express through writings so let the pictures and videos do the talking. Don’t miss the fun. Watch the videos and zoom the pictures too.

The Great Team Al Bandar.
Preparation underway. Everyone did a great blow job by blowing the balloons lol.
Mandatory post: Look at prashant how he is eating live chicken XD
The DJ and the Boss.
The famous Water Zumba.
Yes! I have a hair but what about Oka’s nose; Roshan’s mouth; Kunal’s pose; Perera’s respect, Kasun’s fairness and Meerim’s lips. Okay crazy animals.
Gazala what are you doing behind them?
I see you.
The vegetarian who loves chicken.
Beautiful creatures
okay, a decent picture
Supung what are you doing behind?
All in one
The Asians
Playboy with his coach
The Chefs
woke up like this
We serve in grill.
When the daddy is away, the kids play around
What is this? Video games?
Chicken is veg? Yes, Chicken eat vegetables.
The one and only Uncle
I have a hair and you don’t.
Milad… where is your hair?👶👴
Boom your arm pit is smelling, just look at Cosimo.🙊🙊
The great Shivaji🤴
Serious meeting going on. Hey! Chicken is local or Saudi?
Intan why are you trying to remove Erwin’s wedding ring?🤔🤔
WTF- Where Is The Food.
Perera stop your favourite salute.🤣😂
What happen to your 👅?

…and this is what makes Al Bandar a great place to work inspite of heat during summer and cold during winter. Cheers to the wonderful team.


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