Happy Valentine’s Day

When two heart meets

So, here are some few clarifications  and  surprises as some of you are curious about my valentine. I knew I will be travelling on that day, so, I dated few people before the official day who are close to my heart and I think I will not be able to get over them in my life. These people are some who are not related to me in any ways by blood. Yes, I was dating  someone’s girlfriend; someone’s wife; someone’s admire, and probably someone’s fiance. They are not someone whom you picked them up in the street and dated for an hour or a day; they are someone who are very hard to find and once they are found it’s like a diamond you never want to lose them. I am so blessed to know them since my college days.


Let’s start!



She  is a mom of two, my mentor in relationship and a woman who always pray for me. I met this lady when I was doing my under-graduate degree. Besides, her lovely face and smile, she have a loving heart. I bet she is the strongest woman I know; in spite of all the hardships she went through she still manages to smile and give you a helping hand. I still have a letter which she sent me three years back, I just can’t help but keep on reading again and again. Come on, can you imagine your professor writing you an encouragement letter? I bet again no one ever did.

One day I told her, “Madam, I would have proposed you only if the mathematical calculations of our life is equal.”

She started to laugh. “ Cheeeeeeaaa, sorom nai? Don’t try to flirt with me, my hubby will kill you. No matter how smart or how old you’ve become, you will always be my student. See, I always win.”

She is a woman who always reminds me not to worry anything in life. “Whatever happened happens for good, so take the opportunity and enjoy life.”

That day I went straight to the college to see her. She says yes in spite of all her hectic schedule. We talked and talked. She is still the best professor I know, who is willing to listen and  to strike you with her powerful knowledge of life. It was such a lovely date my dear boss.




It takes four years to take a selfie

Many of you might have seen her in social media or in real life, and I tell you, you will fall in love with her at first sight, because I did seven years ago and I still have butterflies when I see her. I remember sitting beside her while she puffed a cigarette, wearing a jean jacket. A superstar in a college with a Queen’s english on her tongue. Three years later, she talks about Jesus to me. I was like what the heck is wrong with this lady;  she should be in the clubs and bars dancing with strangers.

God works in mysterious way, He sent this lady to me at the right time when I was struggling with a treatment at Guwahati. I visited her home after my treatment, the first thing she does was open her bible, “Neither, do I condemn you. Go and sin no more.” We talked for hours about the love of Jesus.

We met again after four years; we took a selfie which was pending since 2014. The freedom she received recently empowers me to reconciled with my love. Everything in her has changed, she looks more beautiful and responsible; and she is willing to fight against any evils with the grace she is living with.

By the way if you are hungry and you got nowhere to go, then, please come to her, she will offer you a coffee and a handmade cake made with love from her lovely hands. And most importantly she will feed you with the word of God.



MY CHEF- Vime Solo

It takes us two minutes to take this beautiful blurrr photo

The first woman who touches my heart in the college was this lady, and I don’t know how. You must be surprise why I called you chef because we are all literature student. Keep thinking why and if you remember what you cooked for me, then please smile.

We exchanged our photos while people were busy talking about instagram, I think we were the oldest people in the college. The responsibilities that she holds while  in college amazed me and it was not a surprised that she is running a business well.

She is a woman who still don’t wants to use whatsapp because of the fear of being irritated by me.

The other day she invited me to her firm and insisted me to bring my girlfriend if I have. I know she gave me a red card signal because  she knows I always wanted to propose her while we were in the college.  I told her I came to propose her. We had a good laugh.



MY BEST FRIEND- Senolu Dawhuo

Someone will be so jealous of this photo.

She will never say yes to me even if I proposed her thousand times, so I never do. My mom called her spoon lady as she gifted my mom with a spoon.

We were not that close when we started our college journey, it was literature that brings us close to eachother. Soon, we were inseparable.

When I recollected the memories I feel sorry for her, why, because who else would walk by foot from Kohima College to Officer’s hill now days? She walked beside me everyday in good times and hard times. The good thing was, we’re not in love or else I would have being the worst boyfriend ever.

The sweetest thing was when she wants to go out with her boyfriends she would always ask me, and her boyfriends would call me up and give me deadline, ‘we will be back very soon.’

I have seen her boyfriends, ate and drank with them. I have known them. I saw them fighting over silly things and enjoying over silly things. I have seen her ups and downs and have heard a lot about her life too.

People say, a boy and a girl can never be best friend, but, we proved them wrong. She is mine and I am hers, that’s the power of friendship.

Our secret code to happiness is ‘Plastered Boobs.’



So, now you can call me anything, Call me a playboy or a desperate boy looking for love. Or you can even call me a gay (which I am not) because 90% of my friends are girls.

Or tell me anything about your valentines!


Let me hear your stories!

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