I felt like the original Jack was me, after winning a jackpot to visit one country of my choice in the world for two days. The joy of winning this can never be compared to anything else in the world. Switzerland is my favorite country where as London is my paradise. For two days I couldn’t sleep, the joy and restlessness keeps my mind awake the whole time. Sometimes winning something great is also a curse because you got to be wise in choosing your destination. The world have so much to offer and you got only one to choose. I didn’t tell anyone about the jackpot, maybe that’s the reason my mind was so heavy.

Before I came to the conclusion I called up my mysterious girl about the opportunity. She was more than happy on hearing the news.

“You must visit me. The country here is the best. I know you will never regret. If you don’t, then we never know if we could talk again or whatever.”

Her last sentence keeps on vibrating in my mind, and finally I decided to visit Bahamas Island. I Google the country and it’s not so bad. I called her up to inform that I am coming in next fifteen days.

I took British airline from Kuwait, my flight got delayed and I have to wait for another six hours. Those six hours were the most irritating moment in my life. The feeling of joy that’s ahead was so strong that six hours seems like a year.

I imagined myself to be the Jack in Titanic movie, winning the jackpot and who finally met his soul mate, of course my story will be different.

I landed at Nassau airport late night, I couldn’t enjoy the beautiful greenly island as it was already dark; the city lights are beautiful though. As soon as I went out from the plane, I called her up but the line was not reachable. So I went to my hotel room, took a shower, I was mesmerized by the beautiful city from the 50th floor. I sent a text through whatsapp but it was not delivered. I don’t know when I slept off that night, I was too tired after 24 hours of journey. I got a wakeup call from the reception that my tour guide will be coming in less than an hour. I checked my phone, that’s always the first thing I do when I woke up. I saw three missed calls and a message from Lulu.

“Hi my dearest, I am so sorry. Please don’t be mad at me, I was on shift and the network here sucks due to weather. You must forgive me thousand times for which I am going to say now. My ship won’t be holding there as we are moving to Andros. They changed the schedule at the eleventh hour. Please video call me when you see this message. I love you.

All the joy and happiness were totally erased by the news. I felt like I was cheated, though it’s not her fault about the change of routine. I called up the reception to cancel the tour as I won’t be going anywhere. I video call Lulu but I couldn’t reached her. The network really sucks, maybe because of the recent Hurricane. I took a taxi and went to the port where the cruise ships comes and go. I sat on the side of the beach observing the beautiful island and a couples happily spending the loveliest moments. Later, I went inside one small restaurant to have a cappuccino, before I could order my coffee, a lady at the counter asked, “Are you Filipino?”

“No, I am from India.”

I shared the diverse culture of India and the languages we spoke. She was amazed by the beautiful culture of India. She never though India will have a small eyes like mine. I showed her the picture of Lulu, and ask her if by any chance she sees her or knows her. the response was negative.

The network really sucks, I couldn’t connect her through whatsapp or facebook. I spent my second day waiting for Lulu to come online. Nothing in the island interest me anymore. I went down to the Hotel lounge and had a couple of beer and I was totally high. I never take alcohol in my life, but that day out of frustration I drunk it.

I packed my things and went to the airport, I did all the necessary things at the immigration and went inside the plane. While waiting for the other passengers to board, Lulu called me up that she is at the airport, asking me if I could come out to meet her. Before we could finish the conversation our plane started to move, and I realized that it’s too late. I literally shed tears though it’s not the end of the world.


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