Lulu, I am waiting for you..

I don’t know why, but, off late this lady whom I never met in person is occupying all the space in my mind. I have no reason why would I do like this. I stays online just to meet her. I just feel like a teenager who had fallen in love for the first time, every day I woke up thinking of her.

Everyday when we connect through net, I would proposed her. Pours out my feelings for her. One day she asked me why I fall in love with her. “There are lots of girls in the world much more beautiful, more educated, smarter. Are you stupid? Please tell me why? And Ade how can I accept you when we haven’t met yet. I don’t want to love someone online. I am not saying that I don’t like you, but I just feel like we are rushing things up. Let’s meet up first and discuss about life.”

“Lulu, I don’t know why, it just happened. I just fall in love with you. What you said is absolutely true. I am scared of myself too. Honestly, I have dozens of ladies who are more beautiful or educated than you, but I don’t know why I choose you. I heard about you since 2014 but never in my dream had I thought I would be keeping in touch with you. You said you believe in fate, maybe this is fate then.” I responded.

The problem with me is I love someone so dedicatedly that I end up hurting myself when I didn’t get positive response. She asked me what are my likes and dislikes, of all the things we’ve shared, everything about us are totally opposite. One common thing is we both love pork and mustard leaves. I named her mustard and she named me pig, which I deserved it as I weighed 75 kilogram.

I called up her mom the other day and wish her happy birthday. Her mom was surprised that an unknown guy called up. Not very soon she realized that I am her daughter’s friend. “ahhh you must be my child’s friend who stays in Kuwait. My daughter told me about you last night. We are all relatives and I am glad that you guys are in touch with each other. In whatever things you do may God be your master. Lulu is also coming this winter; I think you should come too. We can all meet up.”

I called up my dad to inform him that I am in love with a girl whom I never met, but something inside me stops me. This girl is the only one whom my dad is not aware of, he knows all my admires or so called ex.

Lulu and we decided to meet each other before making any plans, but we were making plans before time. We decided to go for a trekking alone with our family this winter. Sometimes we were both crazy, living ahead of time.

Every single words that comes from her mouth seems so tempting that I couldn’t resist it. Even the small laughter of her makes me crazy. I feel like the whole thing is one sided though she have not rejected me. “Ade, let’s not be in hurry. We will meet up first and decide what will be the best for us. I know you will not like me, I am very strict. I have lots of freckles on my face. Anyways you are my brother.” Her maturity level makes me fall in love with her more.


Published by Wedekhro Naro

Author: TRUE LOVE KEEPS MOVING. Get your copies from (online), The King Chilli Restaurant Dimapur, Crossword Kohima, Penthrill Publication House Kohima.

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