It’s being four days I couldn’t get any information about her. I was little worried, though I have full trust on my Savior for protection over my mysterious lady.

I sent a ‘hello’ text to her brother. My intention was to ask him about his sister; if she sends any messages or whereabouts. He was freaked out upon receiving my text (I can sensed it through his reply).

“I am so worried. My mom is alone. I have only one sister.” He replied.  I think he was so worried that he was expecting a bad news from me about his sister.

“Come on bro, nothing will happen to your sister. God is taking care of everything…” I tried to cool him down through my message, though on the other hand I was totally worried. “…My mom is so worried, so is my family. They are having a hard time. Please pray for us!”

I never thought of tracking my online lady but after receiving such messages from her brother, I couldn’t stay still. My conscience told me to check it in the net. There are lots of carnival cruise ship and I don’t know which ship she works. After an hour of searching I found out through the picture which she had sent it to me. I messaged the Engine Officer of the ship about the well-being of the crew members.

“Hi Naro,

We are all safe and sound. We had to leave from Freeport for safety precaution but most of the systems are still down. All the crew and contractors are in good hands. Tomorrow night we will be there and get connected.” The officer replied within a minute. I couldn’t be more than happy on hearing the news. I screenshots the messages and sent it to her brother.

“Thank you so much. I’ve contacted my mom and she is relief. My whole family is happy now because of your information. God bless you.”

I felt like a movie star after reading the text. I said to myself, ‘well done my boy.’

The next day I was expecting her online. I waited and waited but no result. I consoled myself that maybe it’s because of the power cut due to hurricane. It was around four in the morning she sends a text, “Ade we are back to Bahamas.” After that she went offline, my messages couldn’t get delivered. I double checked the message to make sure that I was not dreaming.

I sent the screenshots to her to let her know how crazy I was, and how her family was. I also sends the shots of the messages from the officer.

“Ade, you went that far? My goodness I can’t believe you. I know how my family feels about me. Thank you for keeping in touch with my family and also for continuously praying for us.” She said that it’s like her funeral when she on the internet, the messages and prayers from friends all over the world.

After few hours she posted in the facebook, “Thank you everyone for your prayers. I am back to Bahamas after a rough sea.”

I reacted to her post this time.

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