I was deeply hurt after my so called best friend decided not to keep in touch with me. She have so many reasons to be, so I never blamed her for that. Instead I respect her for the decision. From that day onwards we stopped all the connections, though we are still friends on facebook. I gave high five to myself for being the strongest of me. I stopped my usual talk with her cousins and friends. I wish so much to unfriend her or block her in social media but I still haven’t done yet.

I decided not to be close to anybody else, I warned my heart to be strong and courageous, and not to trust anyone.

I was once told that anything can happen when your heart is empty. Anyone can entered easily, and that’s true.

There was this girl whom I added in facebook. Lately, I discovered that she is my distant cousin whom I never met. She usually reacted on my pictures and short stories I updated. She sometimes commented on my status like, ‘you are crazy lover.’

I never thought I would be falling for this girl any time in my life. And moreover how can you do when you have never seen each other in real life. Maybe it’s true that people fall in love in a mysterious way.

“Hello Wede, where are you from? And why your surname is Naro? It’s a girl’s name nahoi?” She texted me in FB.

“I am from India.” I replied sarcastically.

We chatted that night for two hours. In that limited hours we came to know so much about each other. I knew little bit about her life through one of my cousins, so she was surprised when I asked her some personal questions.

As usual she would react on my status and pictures. Like I said I never thought she would make an impact in my life. It was one evening when I came from work and was feeling so bored and exhausted, there was something inside me urging me to call her. I video called her. She was still on shift when she received my call. She calls my name in pure mother tongue way, ‘Ade, Ade.’ I was like so you can pronounced my name so well like my mom did? I said to myself, ‘yo buddy keep her in a special place.’  We talked for a few minutes but that’s enough for me to fall in love. I whispered to God, ‘God! You are so creative, just see her eyes.’

She often shared her stories with me without any hesitations. For the first time I thanked whatsapp for allowing me to receive her pictures. It’s being three months now we are chatting. Like I said I am totally in love with her. One day I opened my heart to her honestly.

“Hi dear, I miss you and love you. One day I will marry you.”

When she heard that, she started to laugh.

“You crazy lover. How could you love someone so blindly? We haven’t met yet.” She responded. I went on to justify my stand by saying that I rather love someone than to hate one.

“We even miss and love Korean movie stars, so what is the problem loving you?”

“Good for you.”

We are planning to meet each other this winter at Mumbai. I can’t be hundred percent sure because I might not get my vacation as winter will be a peak season for business, but I showed some interest in it.

A few days back she video called me asking me to pray for her. It was a heart breaking moment, and life and dead situation. The hurricane had reached her work place.

“Ade! Ade…” She calls my name. “…Please tell my mom that I love her so much.”

“Hey dear, you will not die, I promise you. God will take care of the sea. Be strong, for Jesus is with you always. May the word of psalm 91 be with you.”

“Ade, thank you for that. I believed in Him, yet I’m so scared now… Ade… Ade…” the network went off. I couldn’t reached her after that. That night I challenged God by saying, “Lord! I will kill myself if you failed to save her, and I know you will not want to lose me too. So you better save her now.” I broke down in tears.

I have being checking the news for three days now, yet I haven’t heard any news related to cruise ship accident. I think God accepted my challenge. I still couldn’t reached her through phone or net, yet I hope she is saved.





Published by Wedekhro Naro

Author: TRUE LOVE KEEPS MOVING. Get your copies from (online), The King Chilli Restaurant Dimapur, Crossword Kohima, Penthrill Publication House Kohima.

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