LONDON You stole my Kohinoor Killed thousands of my leaders Tortured millions of my people And still, you ignore my struggles After what you have gained from us. But, London! London! You are still the apple of my eyes I have read Great Expectations And I know what will happen when You accept me as [...]


A half a decade ago, I jumped into a relationship which I knew clearly that it won't work out well. But, I keep pressuring myself thinking that it might work out someday. For almost six years I was after a lady whom I love to the moon and back. As I grew mature the pressure [...]


As I stood at the cliff of Kapamodzu With tears in my eyes and anger in my heart I scanned the scary destination below There sits a beautiful village That produces the best cabbage in the world And I was about to ruin the beautiful land I said my goodbye to the world But, the [...]

Sailor And His Love

She hates the airport as much As I hate my migraines. We said our goodbyes In tears and laughter. Before I sailed to the Caribbean We face timed each other She seems strong and happy Wishing me all the happiness. Yesterday, she messages me 'Our 5th anniversary will be in three months, Come home soon.' [...]


I was kidnapped from my office By my own freedom fighter He tied my hands and legs Whistling from the barrel of the gun 'Will blow your head and let your Children suffer forever.' I looked at him in sympathy 'My four-year-old kid can take care of himself Unlike you. You lose, either way', I [...]

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